Volume 7-Issue 8(1)-2020

Author(s):SBanti Sen

Abstract: In this problem we deals with the study of propagation of surface waves in an elastic solid layer over laying a visco-elastic fluid saturated porous solid half space. The main interest in this problem is to formulate the boundary value problem for wave equation in P and S systems. Dispersion equation is derived and special case is considered. For numerical calculations, we considered the visco-elastic half space with water saturated sand stone of 100 percent saturation. Keywords: Visco-elastic, Fluid saturated, Wave equation, Homogeneous, Isotropic, Scalar Potential.

Author(s):Varun Raj Wahane & Aranya Chatterjee

Abstract: :SThis globalisation has developed the age of digitalisation and networking, which has affected most of the sectors of the world. Trade and commerce have benefited the most, the shopping experience has become grand than ever, the e-commerce and shopping websites have created a huge web of sellers and consumers. These consumers are termed as the e-consumers, this paper evaluates the problems of the E-consumer in today's world. The consumer protection Act, 2019 has bordered the term of a consumer from the older version of CPA. In India, the necessities of the e-consumers are unfulfilled such as internet networking and product delivery, similarly, there are different issues of the e-consumers such as data security, digital payments, and cybercrimes. The paper gives suggestions and guidelines for data protection of individuals, highlighting the needs of data protection to make online marketing experience safe for the consumers. Key words :- CCPA, Digitalisation, on-line consumer protection, E- consumer, fraud, Online data, sociological aspects

Author(s):Vasantha Rao Madasu & Banothu Ramdas

Abstract: A large number of students are going to colleges and universities without proper planning. They think of selecting a career after finishing their education. Consequently round pegs are inserted in square holes and square pegs at round holes, resulting in wastage of human services. Due to this reason it is therefore necessary to have well-organized guidance program to remove the defect. Therefore it is recommended that every school should have proper guidance unit and its proper functioning should be there to help the students for their varied problems, which will help in enhances the overall quality of education. Key Words: Guidance, Counseling, Physical and Mental Health, Secondary School, and Achievement.

Author(s):Nidhi Raghuvanshi and Naveen Kumar Mehta

Abstract: Marginalization is regarded as social exclusion. It is a kind of disadvantage for any member of society, it is a kind of process in which groups or neglected to margin. In Indian English Writing this theme of Marginalization has been portrayed by many writers. The novelists who portray this theme are mainly Mulk Raj Anand, Raja Rao, R.K. Narayan and modern writers like Arun Joshi. In the stories often women and or people from lower class of the society are shown as marginal ones. This theme of marginalization appears to be very prominent in Arun Joshi’s in ‘The Strange Case of Billy Biswas.’ In ‘The Strange Case of Billy Biswas’ the main character Billy Biswas is shown as excluded from the mainstream social and cultural development of the society. Joshi offers a picture of anger, revolt, and protagonist against new regulations of the society. It is a very real picture of clashes between oppressors and oppressions. In this background, the present paper studies literature review on the marginalization in Arun Joshi’s ‘The Strange Case of Billy Biswas’. Keywords: Exploitation, Marginalization, Oppression, Resistance, Revolt, and Society


Abstract: Abstract: Bryophytes prove to be a potential bio-indicator of air pollution. The habitat diversity, structural Simplicity, totipotency, rapid rate of multiplication and high metal accumulation capacity make bryophytes an ideal organism for pollution studies. The decline & absence of bryophyte populations especially epiphytes is a phenomenon primarily induced by air pollution caused by gaseous and particulate pollutants. Bryophytes are reliable indicators and monitors of air pollution as they are easy to handle and show a vast range of Specific sensitivity and visible symptoms to pollutants greatly exceeding that of higher plants. Bryophytes are green land plants which lack of vascular system and are simple both morphologically and anatomically. The growth potential in bryophytes is not as highly polarized as vascular plants. Bryophytes grow in a variety of habitats especially in moist places like soils, rocks, trunks and branches of trees and fallen log. They obtain nutrients directly from substances dissolved in ambient moisture. Keywords: Bryophytes, atmospheric purity, gametophyte


Abstract: The caste system has traditionally had significant influence over people’s access to power. The privileged two upper castes (Reddy and Kamma) benefit more by gaining substantially more economic and political power, while the lower caste groups have limited access to those powers. The caste system distributes to different castes different economic strength. The two upper castes can then manipulate the economic and political system to transfer economic strength into political power

Author(s):Raj Pathania and Goldy Chopra

Abstract: A sample of 150 adolescents in the age group of 12-18 years of two selected blocks (Panchrukhi and Bhawarna) of Kangra district was selected with the aim to assess cognitive development of adolescents of Himachal Pradesh. Two standardized scales namely Group test of General Mental Ability (Jalota 1976) and Cognitive Capabilities Test (Padmanabhan 2008) were employed to judge the cognitive development. The collected data were analyzed statistically using t test, Karl Pearson correlation matrix and regression analysis. The results of the study revealed that adolescents were average in general mental abilities and performed partial cognitive capabilities tasks. The mean values of general mental ability and cognitive capabilities of the respondents were found non- significant between the male and female respondents. Key words: Mental ability, cognitive capabilities and adolescent girls.

Author(s):Kumara Nageswara Rao

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Author(s):Simran Yadav and Naveen Kumar Mehta

Abstract: Existentialism is regarded as philosophy that put emphasis on individual existence, freedom and choice. In existentialism, humans define their own meaning in life, and try to make rational decisions despite existing in an irrational universe; mostly it focuses on human existence. It is believed that individual is free to take their responsibility. Existentialism deals with experience, personal concern, commitment and uniqueness of the individual. The theme of existentialism appears to be very prominent in Anita Desai’s ‘Cry, the Peacock’ and ‘Bye-Bye Blackbird’. In ‘Cry, the Peacock’ the female character Maya she is victim of many social and psychological predicaments, and this novel depicts modern Indian culture and highlighting the female predicament of maintaining self-identity as an individual woman. In ‘Bye-Bye Blackbird’ Desai’s portrays a realistic picture of men-women relationship. The protagonist Sarah becomes victim of psychic and social alienation. In this background, the present paper explores review of literature on existentialism in Anita Desai’s: ‘Cry, the Peacock’ and Bye-Bye Blackbird”. Keywords: Alienation, Existentialism, Freedom, Fear, and Identity.


Abstract: Eminent Indian environmental activist Vandana Shiva argues that development is actually a continuation of colonialism. Borrowing from Gustavo Esteva she argues that “development is a permanent war waged by its promoters and suffered by its victims.”It is true that a science that does not respect nature’s needs and a development which does not respect people’s needs threatens human survival. The green thoughts of Gandhi give us a new vision to harmonise nature with the needs of people


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Author(s):K. Peddi Raju

Abstract: The performance of the public sector undertaking, both financial and physical has been the subject matter of considerable discussion, criticism and controversy. There are number of enterprises whose performance cannot, by any standard, be called as satisfactory. On the other hand, there are a few public enterprises which can be compared with many well run enterprises in the private sector. The difference in the performance of different public enterprises indicates that the public sector is itself is not inefficient and there is a considerable scope for the improvement of the inefficient enterprises. For this improvement, it is essential that the performance of different public enterprises should be carefully evaluated from time to time and the corrective measures should be taken, if necessary. In this context, an attempt has been made to judge the ‘Physical Performance’ of the Singareni Collieries Company Limited (SCCL), Telangana, A Government Company. KEYWORDS: Public Sector, Physical Performance, SCCL.

Author(s):Gonavath Ramanji Naik

Abstract: The primary objective of the govt. policy in reference to tribal people and tribal areas has been directed to preservation of tribal culture and social customs from erosion, safe guarding traditional occupations, and protection from exploitation by the more sophisticated groups, and their economic and social development. within the graded Socio-economic in equal structure of Indian society, the tribals are at rock bottom rung and being poor, lead a substandard and survival living. The government of Andhra Pradesh has played a pioneering role within the development of its tribals who constitute 9.5 Per cent of the state population. Keeping the above aspects into account, an effort is formed during this study not only to guage of the Girijan Corporations role played within the tribal areas over the amount but also to work out the functional status of the Girijan Corporation. Further, the study determined tribal attitudes on the performance of the Girijan Corporation. Besides, the study formulates feasible and good-natured managerial systems for the effective functioning of Girijan Corporation.Key words: GCC, Rural marketing, Tribes, Agriculture

Author(s):Viju Puthusseril

Abstract: Research and development in a country explain the trajectory of growth in an economy. Globally scholars and practitioners get to know about some of the path-breaking research through the quality publications that are reviewed and cited innumerable times. The quality speaks for itself. Despite the research culture that was set in India since ages, we still hold the 9th position in the global ranking. It is also alarming to note that the highest number of publications in the predatory journals is from India. Unvetted papers published in some of the predatory journals can demean the authors’ reputation as well as a country's reputation. The research fraternity and the regulators should take measures to create awareness and guide aspiring academicians and researchers to publish quality manuscripts to authentic journals. Keywords: Quality of Research Publications, Country-wise Journal Ranking, Predatory Journals

Author(s):S. Someswara Rao and M. Ravi Sekhar

Abstract: Indian federalism is at its peak at present. The nomenclature used in the Constitution of India i.e. ‘India, i.e. Bharat is a Union of States’ to denote the nature of Indian federation is still debated. The legacy of colonialism, partition and the aim of nation building all contrived to create a centralised federation, which still exercise a strong influence. Centralised planning as the development strategy adopted soon after independence, required further concentration of economic powers. On the other, the economic liberalization since 1990, has changed the traditional Indian economy to market-based development and the accompanying opening up of the economy to the global economy have brought the contradictions of centralized federal arrangements to the limelight. Keywords: Indian economy, Indian Federation, Supreme Court

Author(s):Nagaraju B.S

Abstract: Railways were the most important development from the point of view of the infrastructure in India from 1850 to 1947. In present scenario Indian Railways has become the prime mover of the Indian Economy. Railways in India in the sense of transportation are the only reliable and feasible source on land. Indian Railways is one of the largest railway systems in the World. According to Vision 2020 proposed by Indian Railways Ministry, a significant focus would be on Track Enhancement, Environmental Sustainability, Network Expansion of Railway, Capacity Creation, Train Safety, Reducing Carbon Footprint, High Speed Train Introduction and Technological Excellence. There are enormous challenges. It aims to develop a world class rail infrastructure as countries like USA, China etc. This paper presents the recent developments in Railways in developed countries, limitations and problems that are associated with Railways. Also an impression of Indian Railways at the global level will be presented. Solutions and visions that are proposed by Indian Government to meet and to match the technological development with the developed countries will also be discussed in this paper. Keyword: Economy, Indian Railway, High Speed Trains

Author(s):Nagaraju B.S

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Author(s):Diksha Rani

Abstract: The entrepreneur is one of the most important inputs used in the production process. Entrepreneurs are creators of new firms. They accelerate economic growth, provide job opportunities and raise the productivity by introducing new technology, products, process, methods, and service in a market economy. Women play a vital role in economic development of a country. In traditional India women were confined only to the four walls of their houses but in modern India, Women are now coming forth to the business arena to participate in growth and development activities. From traditional to modern, unorganized to organized, rural to urban, single to joint venture, small to large industries, women are spreading their wings and showing a road for the younger women to join the race of success. In a male dominant society women are making their presence felt also. This paper is dedicated to women entrepreneurs. The primary objective of this research paper is to find out the status of women entrepreneurs in India and to study the participation of women entrepreneurs in SSI (Small scale industries). This paper also highlights about the schemes of GOI for upliftment of Indian women entrepreneurs and other institutional support for women entrepreneurs. Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Indian women, Small scale industries, job opportunities. Productivity, economic development.

Author(s):L. Satya Radha

Abstract: The Intellectual Property, generic title for copyright, trade mark, design or patent was first officially recognized by World Intellectual Property Right Organization (WIPO) as Property Right. However, with the passage of the time other than copyright, patent, trade mark, literary and artistic work, claims have been made to recognize Intellectual Property Right relating to Human Right and Traditional Knowledge . National Resources play a vital role in preserving countries economic self-determination and thus cherish the ideal of economic democracy

Author(s):Ankita Thakur and Pankaj Gupta

Abstract: A number of wild plants are used by the rural communities, which considerably contributes to their income and food security. This study analyzed the collection and consumption pattern of wild edibles in Kharal Valley of Kullu district in Himachal Pradesh. 37 wild edibles species belonging to 28 families were recorded from the valley, many of them having multiple uses. The wild edibles constitute a part of seasonal diet of rural households, while the sale of wild edibles contributes to the income for rural households. Key words: Wild Edibles, Traditional Knowledge, Traditional Healthcare, Kharal Valley, Edible Fungi