Volume 7-Issue 7(1)-2020

Author(s):Syed Yasir Ali Gilani, Prof. Dr. Syed Manzoor H Shah and Dr. Iqbal Majoka

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Author(s):G.Nageswar Rao

Abstract: :Sri Sathya Sai" is not only a friend, philosopher and a guide but also the Saint, the Seer, the Super human and almighty personality performing multidimensional roles by serving the society, the Knowledge Facilitator, a Complete Leader, the World Redeemer, the Universal Communicator, the Social Architect of the Millennium and the Strategist- loving, serving and uniting all, at all times‘‘. I begin this thesis with a brief account of our popular South Indian guru, spiritual figure and educator, Bhagaban Sri Sathya Sai Baba (1926-2011) and also accountable for his extraordinary popularity, is his divine persona—especially his self-proclaimed identity, values and educational philosophy.His message of Love and Peace to unite all mankind. Since childhood. Key Words: Architect, Bhagaban, Avatar, Incarnation, Atma, Sarvam Vishnumayam Jagath, Kalpavriksha, Cosmic , Educare, EHV , SSEHV, Ecstatic, Advaitic


Abstract: The moral principle on which the civilization rests is truth and love.If people everywhere respond to them truthfully,the world will be brought closer together and the darkness of violence which we see around us may be dispelled”.-Mahatma Gandhi. The history of mankind shows how great men have always struggled and fought against the prevailing social evils and human sufferings. Of such great men of modern times, Gandhi was one of the most outstanding personalities. Gandhi contributed a system of social thought while engaging him primarily in the national liberation movement. Truth and Non-violence are the two basic concepts on which he developed his entire Philosophy. Key words: Non-violence, Philosophy, social thought

Author(s):Savula Suresh

Abstract: Gross non-performing assets (NPA) as a proportion of gross assets of India’s commercial banks in the public and private sectors as well in banks owned by foreign interests have been rising for the past few years. The recommendations of Narasimham committee and Verma committee, some steps have been taken to solve the problem of old NPAs in the balance sheets of the banks. It continues to be expressed from every corner that there has rarely been any systematic evaluation of the best way of tackling the problem. It is necessary to trim down NPAs to improve the financial health in the banking system. Keywords: Non Performing Assets, Public Sector and Private Sector Banks

Author(s):Shridhar Anant, Abhishek Kumar Agrawal, Siddharth Sharma, SivasaiPalateerdham, Supriya Toppo and Umesh Joshi

Abstract: Abstract: TThe main aim of designing this project “SCADA SYSTEM IN TRAFFIC CONTROL” is that the traffic controllers have the ability to adapt to the real time data from detectors to perform constant optimizations on the signal timing plan for intersections in a network in order to reduce traffic congestions, which is the main concern in traffic flows control nowadays. So, the parameters to be measuring within this project are: (1) Speed Detection (2) Traffic Signal Crossing (3) Weigh in motion Keywords: IC- Integrated circuit,ITMS- Integrated Traffic management system, PCB-Printed circuit board, PLC- Programmable logic controller

Author(s):K. Peddi Raju

Abstract: With changes in technology, there is requirement to modify the society beliefs and render women a podium for entrepreneurship and democracy. With the growing help from Government, Non-Government and other financial institutions to many women entrepreneurs within the economy there can be substantial growth in the process of women entrepreneurship. In the new era women are stepping out and are seen everywhere. The woman entrepreneurs have focused themselves in various activities starting from home made Tiffin service to packaging and manufacturing sector. The entrepreneurship provides them a satisfaction and assimilates a deep sense of accomplishment to create their own individuality in the society. The objective of the paper is to understand if women have some preferred sector when it comes to starting their own business and why. Also to understand which sector are the one they are uncomfortable with and emphasis on the presence of women entrepreneurs in different sectors and the schemes that the government has introduced for their benefit and also suggestions to improve women entrepreneurship in India. Keywords: Women entrepreneurs, technology, Government Schemes

Author(s):M.Shaik Basha Saheb

Abstract: The self help groups are formed and developed by Government agencies such as Department of Rural Development and Municipal Administration in both the sample states. One of the objective of promoting women SHG’s is to provide microfinance through designated commercial banks under SHG bank linkage programme to the rural and urban poor women for achieving empowerment. In order to implement these SHG bank linkage scheme the Government establishment two different organization/societies in both the sample states i.e., Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty (SERP) and Mission for Elimination of Poverty in Municipal Areas (MEPMA). Key words: SERP, commercial banks, self help groups

Author(s):C. V. S. Ravindranath and Y. Somalatha

Abstract: Chetan Bhagat is known for his youth-oriented novels. The themes of his novels always reflect the true picture of the contemporary Indian youth; their likes and dislikes, their strengths and weaknesses and more importantly their mindsets and attitudes. In his debut novel Five Point Someone, Bhagat portrays the students’ struggle for scoring good grades and their consequent blunders in achieving their objectives. He also exposes the parents’ irrational craze for IIT seat for their children. Having been an alumnus of IIT, Delhi, the writer has flawlessly portrayed the firsthand knowledge of the lifestyle of students at IITs. The paper primarily focuses on the darker side of the students’ career conflicts and challenges for IITs and at IITs. Key Words and Phrases: Contemporary Indian youth, blunders, irrational craze for IIT, career conflicts and challenges

Author(s):D .Naganna and Dara Maria Sudha

Abstract: The trend of digital marketing is sprouting day by day with the concepts of online marketing that is turning into an important platform for digital marketing along with digital channels. Digital and online marketing strategies are employed by the companies to get succession by increasing sales, gaining competitive advantage and developing their businesses in competitive digital world. The study conducted to analyze the impact of digital marketing trends in purchase intension of customers. . Researcher has taken 80 respondents to conduct survey for this study. The findings disclosed that customers are aware of digital marketing and they prefer online shopping to buy various kinds of goods through digital channels in their purchase intension . The study is performed in a particular geographical area and this may be considered as a limitation to judge the purchase decisions of all customers of various regions. a particular geographical region is selected to this study to judge the purchase intension of customers. Keywords: Customer Purchase intension, Digital Channels, Digital Marketing

Author(s):डॉ.कुमार नागेश्वर राव

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Author(s):Kala Prasad and Anshu Bhatia

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Author(s):G.Vivekananda Swami

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Author(s):Pulaparthi Srinivasarao

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Author(s):Palagulla Srinivasulu

Abstract: The term empowerment of women is an important popular concept among political spectrum. Empowerment through the expansion of the civil, political and social rights of citizenship is a laborious and unexciting process. Empowerment is only effective answer to oppression, exploitation, injustice, and other melodies of society. The focus on empowerment has given a new emphasis to the building of economic and social capabilities among individuals, classes and communities. It is theories of social change in particular, a change from a hierarchical to and egalitarian type of society. It is based on democratic society, which is based on recognition of equal rights to all individuals in its place. Empowerment appears to be an alternative path for dismantling the old structure and putting new one in this place. Empowerment is to change the society through re-arrangement of the power. So there is a need for empowerment through civic, political and social rights of citizens. Gender empowerment measure is a measure for women development. It measures gender inequality in a society.Key words: exploitation, injustice, melodies of society

Author(s):Harish .N

Abstract: India has amongst the highest level of currencies in circulation at 12.1% of GDP. Cash on hand is an estimated at around 3.2% of household assets, higher than investment in equities, or roughly around $ 220 billion. Of this cash, 87% is in the form of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes or roughly Rs 14 lakh crore ($190 billion).A significant portion of the household cash on hand is generated by economic transactions that are not reported to tax authorities or generated through corruption. Scrapping the higher denomination money would either result in these being brought into the system or the money just disappearing. The present paper highlights the probable consequences of this decision on various economic variables and entities.Key Words: Transactions, Tax, Investment, Economic Activities, Block Money, Income Tax Rate etc.

Author(s):Mohammadhossein Ghasempourabadi,Masoume Taraz&mohammadjavad mahdavinejad

Abstract: During the years after the arrival of Islam, nearly all of the aspects of Muslims’ Lives have been subjected by their beliefs. Their beliefs or accurately speaking, their religion have vastly overshadowed all of their life-related chores from the personal and interpersonal to social ones. Architecture as a place where all of the mentioned aspects can be expressed has a special stand among Muslims. Home as a place where a Muslim lives, Mosque as a place where he obeys God can show the important position of the architecture. After the introduction of modern architecture and acquaintance with pioneer architects in the west, it seems that the architecture of the Muslim’s region has changed. Based on a survey that is carried out in Iran, the paradigm obtained from the prominent architectural construction in the Islamic areas has been investigated and analyzed. By the finding of this study and similar ones, the new Muslim architects can fill the gap between current trends and ancient ones. KEYWORDS: Islamic architecture, paradigms, Islamic legacy, Muslim regions, cultural gap, modern architecture